Goddess Sydney Sensual Domination



American / San Diego
16:35 min - Nov 30 - .MP4 - 1.57 GB


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Houseboy Aidan has been aching to serve Goddess Sydney, and is finally getting the chance. While Goddess is very excited to see just how much he can take, She also knows how much She loves to drag out training, and decides to do just that. She moves back and froth between sensual and cruel as she works her way through various impact toys, from Her hands, a few wood paddles, a rubber baseball bat, and finally a cane. Is he worthy of Goddess's time and presence? Can he take what she has to give? Goddess's long black hair and tight blue velvet dress are making him ache to please, Her beauty overpowering his senses, as she laughs at him and reminds him of the importance of submission to Her. She has so much to teach him
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