Surprise Visit



American / West Coast
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There’s a knock at the door… What a surprise! It’s Taylor! No way Dan saw this coming… He’s from a small town and it’s impossible that Taylor would come visit him. Fortunately, this isn’t just a fantasy. Taylor knows Dan is a super fan so he wanted him to experience what it’s like to worship him for real this time. Casual conversation with an old and loyal friend leads to dirty talk, flexing, stripping, teasing, body worshiping (including armpits), and even a bit of tickling. Taylor gets tickled so hard it gives him hiccups! Finally, it’s time for Dan to taste the dick he has been fantasizing about for so long. Taylor helps him out and jerks off along the way until he lays a hot load in Dan’s mouth. Boy, nothing beats the real thing huh? Camera Perspective/View/Style: Role-play scenario. SOLO VIDEO. POV. No second person. Camera in front of Taylor facing him. Able to see entire body throughout