I Will Do What You Say, Bro



American / West Coast
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Taylor is just hanging out when he gets a surprise phone call from his stepbrother. He is reluctant to answer, but does so anyways. The stepbrother tells Taylor that he found out about some stuff he did and threatens to tell his dad. Taylor knows he will be in big trouble if his dad were to find out… so he begs his brother not to spill the beans. The stepbro will stay quiet, under one condition… Taylor has to have phone sex with him. This is all very strange for Taylor… but whatever… he realizes he has no choice. Now, the stepbrother is in control. First, he makes Taylor strip down to nothing but his socks and hump the bed while he tells a story about a time he fucked a girl. Next, he wants Taylor to start playing with his cock while he talks about the size and shape of it. He even has him recount a story about a time when Taylor was caught jerking off by another guy! Then Taylor starts asking his stepbrother some questions. He asks if he is gay and what it’s like. He also asks if he likes Taylor, and to his surprise, when he says yes, Taylor is flattered. Things now start to get a little sexual between them, which sparks up some hot dirty talk. The dirty talk and stories continue until the moans of the stepbrother sends Taylor over the edge squirting cum everywhere. Don’t worry Taylor, your secret is safe, this time ;). Camera Perspective/View/Style: Role-play scenario. Camera in front of Taylor facing him. Able to see entire body throughout