Female Training your secretary


Deanna Deadly

Irish / Nashville,TN
4:29 min - Dec 02 - .MP4 - 157.50 MB


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CLIP IS 4 MINS AND 22 SECONDS . CONTAINS TOPLESS NUDITY. CLIP INCLUDES: POV MIND CONTROL/FEMALE TRAINING. You have your employee/Secretary contact you via webcam and try out your new mind control/Female training noise control (Its a sound only the one affect will hear so no one will be the wiser) You have a little glitch with it but then finally it works and you get her to play with her tits. BOSS/EMPLOYEE, MAGIC CONTROL, SUBMISSIVE/SLAVE TRAINING, SUBMISSIVE SLUT,MENTAL DOMINATION. I turn on my webcam..."Is this working...? Oh hi boss! Sorry Ive never used a webcam before. Im sorry I couldnt come in this week Ive been really sick. Why did you want to do this webcam? Is something wrong? I think I have the new files down and everything. I dont need any help with it anymore. Oh you just wanted to test out the webcam? Well ok....Not sure why we need to use it at all honestly." She starts babbling and you realize its time to turn it on...."Whats that noise?" She says. "Is there something wrong with this webcam? Hello?" FINALLY she pass*es out. Thankfully your new mind control female training device worked after you tinkered with it! She wakes up...but seems to be herself....not under your control yet...Shes not doing any of the commands.... "Im feeling a little weird...ugh...." She says. She has no idea whats happening and is not following any of the commands. "You want me to do WHAT? You want me to take my shirt off?! Whats wrong with you?!" The commands somehow got messed up. "Sir this is very unprofessional! You put her back to sl**p....You dont need to hear this. Shes suppose to be your submissive slut that will do anything! You tinker with the commands and noise while shes out...Maybe you can fix it now. You snap your finger after you think you've finally fixed it... In a very soft voice she says "Oh hello master, What can I do for you? Ok I will take my jacket off...." Ah shes finally doing as shes told. "I await your next command...Ok lift my right arm, my left arm..." You decide to start with something simple to make sure it really works before you make her do slutty things... "What else can I do for you? Pull my tits out? Ok..." Ah she does as shes told. She plays with her tits and you question her about touching her tits to see how well this is really working "What do you mean how do I feel about it? Im happy to serve you master. Im only happy if I can please you. Does this make you happy master? Me playing with my tits?" "Id do anything for you master. If you tell me to rob a bank....I will." You are happy with this progress and have her go back to sl***p for the time being. What will you do with her next