4mo Growth Toenail Clip on Stairs



American / Houston, TX
10:52 min - Dec 03 - .MP4 - 1.81 GB


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I've been growing my toenails out for long toenail fetishists for just shy of FOUR MONTHS, but I've had some anemia problems, so they're not quite as long and strong as they were in our last mega toenail clip video. Nevertheless, I spend longer showing you how awesome they look this time, chat about my recent new Crocs shoes and toenails i've seen on other people, all while sitting on the backyard stairs outside with the camera a bit below me pointing up. I then clip them short and put a cold glass to the freshly clipped sensitive underskin! This is the incredible super HD 2K Resolution copy of this video as it was originally filmed (on an LG V20 Mobile Device, believe it or not) so you can see and hear everything, including the wildlife in my backyard and the paint peeling off the stairs. 10:52, 1920x1080pHD, 23,765kbps, 29fps