Double hitachi

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Miss Taylor BBW

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96 5.0
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mecho11 - Top reviewer Jan 14
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Miss Taylor looks splendid sprawled out naked and quivering with ORGASMIC delight. Wonderful female pleasure in full climax mode. Don't miss this one. Clear, well lit video with perfect framing and facial expressions in full view. Highly recommended. More like this please.

Yay! I'm so glad you loved it!

I start off with one hitachi focusing on my swollen wet clit. I start shaking it making me cum so hard. I then grab my other hitachi and shove one in my pussy while I use the other on my clit. I cum so fucking hard from the vibrations making my entire body shake and tremble making me moan out in extreme pleasure. Tags: big clit, big tits, nipple squeezing, big legs, multiple orgasms
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