Sarah Jain Gets Her Panties Ripped Off

8:46 min - Dec 04 - .MP4 - 548.93 MB


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Sarah Jain owes me and she knows it! So of course I take it out on her in a wedgie video where I get to give the wedgies. I have her try on three different pairs of panties and do my best to rip them all off of her. The first pair were actually really tough and wouldn't rip even though I was putting ALL of my weight into it. The second was a pair of thongs and I kinda let her off easy on those because they weren't ripping even though I'm pretty sure I was about to split her in half:) Even though the third pair made a few ripping sounds while I had her hanging from the rope Ithought they were going to survive too but after I untied her I gave them one good last pull and ripped them right off of her