Spit All Over My Face

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1,696 5.0
5:34 min - Dec 04 - .MP4 - 411.95 MB - 1920x1080 HD


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Robsal - Top reviewer Dec 4
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Finally you Did it , wow !!!!

Bobbyoppo - Top reviewer Dec 4
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Messy deep throat action. This is one of her better deep throat vids .Alice csn sure take it all in.I am really starting to appreciate her abilities. You can see her throat distend as the ďildo goes down her throat. Lots of spit involved. It gets all over her face and hair. It even gets in her eye. I love this woman and fantizise it wss my cock instead of that dildo.

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Basically what got me into spit fetish. The ultimate vid

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Simply put, some next level messy excellence.

This video is non-nude. I lie down on the sofa and fuck my throat until I get my face covered in spit. This is definitely a video for face fucking and spit fetishists! No dirty talk, just face fucking and spit everywhere
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