Santas slutty anal sister

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332 5.0
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mecho11 - Top reviewer Jan 14 2018
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Lots of great body views of Miss Taylor's great body! Ends with a terrific quaking climax to highlight the fun. Very well done.

I have a family secret you all should know. Im the little sister Santa doesnt tell you about because Im a super slut. Im going to show you just what I mean when I try out my new toy Santa got me. I pull my panties to the side and start fucking my pussy but I dont stop there. I bend over and push the toy deep inside my tight ass. Twerking with the glass shoved deep inside me. I roll over onto my back giving you a good view of my naked body, keeping the toy pushed inside my ass and using my wand until I cum so hard. I come close to the camera and start licking and sucking the toy until its completely clean. Tags: ATM, foot fetish, feet, big tits, dirty talk, holiday, twerking, ass clapping, hitachi, big legs, belly, taboo
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