Captain Hammer 4



American / Houston, TX
12:24 min - Dec 07 - .WMV - 472.64 MB - 1280x720 HD


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In this fucking machine clip, I'm in the same blue tanktop / minidress as in Clip 3, but I've added open-crotch black full pantyhose. I keep these on and attempt to find a good angle to fuck my big 8" cocked Captain Hammer, but eventually at almost exactly halfway give up and peel down the pantyhose just past my hips and get fucked senseless POV doggy style. I then flip over and give you an awesome well-lit close-up pussy fucking POV shot, keeping my stockinged feet and pink painted toes visible during parts of the penetration. Includes spread ass, pointed toes, and pantyhose-covered-ass fucked at parts as well. 12:24, 1280x720pHD, 8169kbps, 15fps