Jessica Starling
Freebie Tuesday

All Jiggle, All Play

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426 5.0
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greenhouse79 Dec 9 2017
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BG is back and she is fatter, heavier and sexier than ever! Of course her perfect belly, boobs and thighs are on show and look incredible (and huge), but every part of her body looks so soft and plump, especially her pudgy hands, chubby cheeks and beautifully bulging double chin.
Probably my favourite part of the video is her trying to suck in her bulging gut, causing luscious rolls to form, then lets her breath out and inflates her belly back to its full, glorious round immensity.
Never been so jealous as of the guy she is perched on at the end. We have no idea who he is, because everything apart from his hands is completely smothered by the goddess' massive fat body.

This was filmed as a custom, the focus being on my sexy belly and tits. This entire clip is all belly and boob play. Jiggle, fondle, smack, it’s all here and right in your face. This clip isn’t silent, but there is no talking, the sounds of fat slapping, and skin gliding over skin is the only thing present. In the end I sneak in a surprise- Another set of hands! See how fat I look with such slender arms around me