Taboo Miniskirt No Panty Ignore Fetish

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1,783 5.0
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cre8or Jan 10
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Whoever wrote the idea/script for this one, hats off to you - I found a new fetish after watching this video.
Bravo, Elle, bravo!

720p 60fps - This was a custom! "This will be a two-part video. The premise is that you are a college friend of my daughter and staying at our home, but you like to hang out in the nude to tease me. Please start by lying on your bed with your ass facing me. The cam should be level with the bed, but so that I can still see your face/head (as if I were standing at the foot of the bed). You are reading or looking at your phone, pretending to ignore me. You turn and see me standing there and ask me how I am doing. You say that you hope I don't mind if you take a break. I say that it is fine as long as I can watch. You ask me if I like what I see, and tell me to enjoy the view. You then open your legs very wide to give me a clear view of your lovely pussy from behind. You pretend to ignore me as you shift positions, sometimes jiggling your ass...teasing me with sexier views as I watch. After a few minutes, I would like you to get up on your knees with your legs spread and your chest on the bed (similar to the frog position in yoga) if you are begging me to fuck you but knowing that I can't touch you. Then please cut to a 2nd scene with your sitting up on a couch, facing me as you pretend to ignore me still (watching TV, etc.) The cam should be level with the couch and zoomed in on you, but still able to see your entire body. Please be sitting so that your legs are wide open, with your pussy in full view....spread eagle with knees up. Bonus points if you can get your pussy lips to gape open. Pretend to ignore me for several minutes as you tease me with this view. Please occasionally jiggle and massage your tits...casually with your hand, one at a time. To end the video, tell that you hope I enjoyed watching you, and you hope that it wasn't too distracting&quot