Freebie Tuesday

Oiling up my fat ass

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3,485 5.0
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brownstar99 - Top reviewer Feb 2
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ass man and solo cum lovers dream come true.

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I only made it halfway through my first time watching and it only gets better as it continues! As always very pleased

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Anyone who has the faintest appreciation of the human butt must buy this video. I have seen countless hours of content from persephone and yet she's still capable of casting me under her spell and leaving me speechless. To see someone so breathtakingly beautiful show off her perfect figure, appreciating what she has been blessed with, it's something I could watch for hours and lose track of time. This video is worth a purchase, I can't stress that enough.

striz4p Dec 12
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Oh my god, the way her cheeks smack together when she jumps is so hot! I could watch her do that for an entire clip ;)

I know you love my big ass so I thought I'd make another video focusing on it. This time I start off by twerking on the ground, teasing you with my booty. Then I get out the oil and make my ass all wet and shiny just for you. I twerking and spank myself in multiple positions to show you how good my ass looks. Finally, I pull out a glass toy and fuck myself with it, while softly twerking. Side note: Apologies for my awful cracking hips in the begging of the video and in the last scene. I promise I'm 20 n not a middle-aged women SIGH. !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! GET ANY SOLO VIDEO FOR $5 OR ANY B/G VIDEO FOR $10 VIA THE MV AWARDS. Just vote via this link > or check out more deals on my twitter @dontslutshame