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CUSTOM Handsfree Prostate Instructions

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Lorena Brink

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lickityslit - Top reviewer Dec 16
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:) Did it right when she said to, he he.

Put your favorite prostate massager in your ass and let me tell you what to do next. This will be a hands free experience, no jerking off, just clenching and thrusting your hips, humping your mattress. You do exactly what I tell you and you can’t come until I let you. Additional tags: 1080p, 60FPS, Accent, Amateur, Ass, Big Ass, Big Boobs, Clenching, Cock Tease, Curvy, Custom, Cute, Denial, Dirty Talk, Edge, Edging, Eye Contact, Fast, Fetish, First Time, Glasses, Grey, Guidance, Guide, Handsfree, HD, Hips, Homemade, Humping, Instructions, Jiggle, JO, JOI, Jerk Off, Lovense, Masturbation, Moaning, Motions, Multi-cam, Multiple Cameras, Nail Polish, Naked, Natural Boobs, Naughty, Nerdy Girl, Nude, Orgasm Control, Orgasms, POV, Pervert, Play, Prostate, Prostate Massager, Quality, Rhythm, Script, Shaking, Silly Faces, Slut, Solo, Solo Masturbation, Talking, Tease, Toy, Training, Tutorial, Vibrator, White, Wide Hips, Wiggle