Freebie Tuesday

Tease & Denial - Nikki Daniels WMV

13:47 min - Dec 12 - .WMV - 507.79 MB


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Nikki Daniels has joined us for some fun today, she is ready for to play and get off. But since she is so ready to come Scott decided to play with her first. A little Tease and Denial is in order! He starts off slowly removing her red high heels, then he stands her up in front of the camera and kissing her neck as his hands wonder all over her beautiful body. He slides her little red dress off along with her panties. Throws her onto the bed and grabs the vibe. I don't think she actually expected him to stop before she came. But each time he would get her right where she was going to orgasm and he would stop. Again, and again, she gets right to where she is going to come, but no. He stops, you can see the frustration build. When he is done playing with her he tell her to say goodbye to the camera, and she gives it the finger. She may be a little bitter he didn't get her off! OTHER KEYWORDS- Tease and denial, edging, edging fetish, orgasm control, orgasm denial, vibrators, male domination, domination, sensual domination, candid, brunettes, all natural, dark hair, teasing, Nicky Daniels, Nicki Daniels, Nikky Daniles, Scott Torvea, @ScottTorvea