Galadriel and Her Steeds

4,432 5.0

Keri Berry

American / Your Head
4,432 5.0
28:41 min - Dec 12 - .MP4 - 402.35 MB - 1920x1080 HD


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MarcB1011 - Top reviewer Dec 12 2017
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Ok, start with a beautiful actor such as Keri, add high production values, the best I've ever seen on this type of material. Now finally add horse toy play, spit roast and creampies with a touch of bukkake and you have a sizzling hot piece of erotica.

Keri looks magnificent as Lady Galdriel.. I love this role-playing and Keri just becomes the character. Beautiful, elegant, and very sexy in this case.

I can't wait for part two. Guys with all of the work she puts into her productions this is a steal. It's a steal alone just too watch this adorable and pretty woman use her toys.

It's always a pleasure working with her on a custom. She makes it better than you can imagine.

I just can't say enough....

Keri Berry Dec 12 2017

Thank you honey!! Always a pleasure :)

SBWizard - Top reviewer Aug 18
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"In place of a dark lord you would have a queen, not dark but beautiful, terrible as the dawn, treacherous as the sea"

Ok, if you did not pitch a tent during that scene in the films you should stop reading this review. Go ahead and buy the video but just stop reading.

Galadriel/CB is really hot and KB is just as hot this video. This is maybe my favorite so far. I love the set up for the background of the scene. The way she gets in close at first and the snow is falling. It is very pretty. Then she goes into the cave, and again the scenery is perfect it fits the feel of the video so well, and suddenly a horse cock dildo enters the frame and kinda smacks her on the cheek. And now she has me laughing and stroking. *wipes tear of joy from eye* Anyway, buy this film. It is more than worth the money.

etomistere deleted Jan 26 2018
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Fantastic video and I love the production quality that went into it. You're voice alone, um, got my attention. Top notch role-play and a great performance. Some really great deep throat and anal penetrations, but what made this video an absolute winner in my book was seeing you in between the two toys. Bravo.

PS - I admit that I watched the parts out of order :P

Keri Berry Jan 26 2018

Thank you!!!

dirtttbag - Top reviewer Dec 14 2017
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Fantastic Roleplay combined with Keris' sexyness make this one an instant classic.

Keri Berry Dec 14 2017

Thanks love

Custom Video *** Don't miss part 2: ||| Galadriel and her steeds have found themselves very lost and in need of shelter in a raging blizzard. Finding a cave, they seemingly find a warm salvation. But it's not warm enough! They need to get VERY close to build up the heat needed to survive. Getting lost in bliss, she forgets to keep her wits about- and the Orcs will surely close in. || Part One of Two :) creampie, fuck machine, cosplay, cum play, cumshots, squirt, bukakke, aliens and monsters, horse, lord of the rings, the hobbit, elf, anal, vaginal, many positions and different views for you. Enjoy