Naughty Elf Close-Up Masturbation

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2,578 5.0
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Rittzz - Top reviewer Dec 24
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Not sure what it is about elf cosplay but it's fuckin HOT.

Heero_G - Top reviewer Dec 12
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Can't get over the fact of how cute Alice is! Awesome masturbation with the glass dildo, with an amazing close-up angle, that shows her beautiful pussy and asshole perfection! Thanks for the video, Alice!

Bobbyoppo - Top reviewer Dec 12
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To me this one deserves more than 5 stars. Quality video with great veiws of her pussy and ass Alice makes a sexy elf.Quite the bonus that it is free.Thanks for the xmas treat.

bmw520iest - Top reviewer Feb 20
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Great rear close up of Alice using a glass dildo in her pussy whilst using her fingers on her clit. Amazing pulsating orgasm to finish. Thanks for sharing Alice

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Incredibly sexy video. Great woman! Very hot.

MarcB1011 - Top reviewer Dec 20
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First of all I have to get this off my mind. Alice is cute! I loved the views and the toy play.

TWAY2268 - Top reviewer Dec 17
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Just like Alice herself, this video is a mix of cuteness and sexiness. It starts with a full view of her as the hottest elf you've ever seen, teasing you for being such a pervert all year. Soon enough, she's on her side and the screen is filled with her hot pussy in close-up. Your present is a festive fucking and fingering with a candy cane toy, Alice singing a carol of her ecstatic moans. How lucky for you that you're on the naughty list.

Santa told me you've been bad this year, so he sent me, the naughty elf, to deal with you! You perv! You aren't getting any presents this year, you just get to watch me cum all over this candy cane and lick it clean when I'm done with it. This video is a close-up cum video! Watch my little asshole spasm as I cum, twice
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