Glamour Erotica

American / Atlanta, GA
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It is a cold winter afternoon and there is nothing for Bliss to do. Bored with what is on TV, and nobody to talk with on the phone, Bliss must find something else to occupy her time. She decides that maybe having a little fun with herself might just be the answer. Beginning by slowly rubbing her young, tight pussy, she quickly gets her pussy juices flowing. In no time at all, her lingerie comes off exposing her perfectly large breasts and petite erect nipples. Realizing that her fingers will not be enough to satisfy her, she looks for her Hitachi to use on herself. She presses the Hitachi to her clit and you can tell right away by the expression on her face that this will most definitely do the trick. She continues using the Hitachi while fingering herself and works herself up to an incredible intense orgasm. This was such a better option than anything else
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