Extreme SPH from an Escort


Goddess Lanie

American / Lanie Land
30:18 min - Dec 12 - .MP4 - 556.71 MB - 1908x1080 HD


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THIS IS A CUSTOM VIDEO, if you want your own, EMAIL ME*** You've hired me, an escort, to have "full service" and some SPH. I'm completely relentless about how pathetic your tiny little dick is. You never really stood a chance. You're lucky I get paid to do this because that is the ONLY way you'd ever get a girl like me. Ew, look at it! I strip and humiliate you then I give you a hand job, or should I say "finger job" lol. Wow. I laugh and break you down more and more. Then it's time for the sex... Ugh the sex. Horrible. Worst in my life! I can't even feel it, it keeps falling out, it's honestly a chore being here. Push harder maybe I'll actually feel it. Say this out loud: "I'm a pathetic loser with a maggot dick!" Haha yes! I fake orgasm and you cum inside of me. WTF. Disgusting. Lie back and eat this nasty mess out of my pussy. I don't want ANY trace of your tiny dick cum inside of me. Ew. *Uses name Nick* Amazing HD close ups of my Goddess pussy at the end while I sit on your face