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American / Dreamland
209 5.0
46:46 min - Dec 13 - .MP4 - 1.88 GB - 1440x1080 HD

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preshard Feb 25

the second one was my old custom! glad to have found you again!

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First segment of this compilation, secretary and boss themed, sees Elise in the opening shot come out in white stockings, a tight blue skirt, and a white shirt you can clearly see her bra. From that moment on you won’t be able to take you eyes off the screen. Stripping, a butt plug, manual and vibrator assisted masturbation, dick sucking, titty fucking, fantastic sex, and ending with a cum facial.

In the second segment, we see a more gentle sex session. We see Elise as her body is tenderly kissed and stripped of clothing. Fingering, dick sucking, and tender love making in a variety of positions are all on display, ending in a creampie.

Seeing and hearing Elise moan with pleasure is an experience you never forget.

NEVER BEFORE SEEN VIDEOS. A compilation of the only 2 boy/girl videos I have ever done. One is a secretary and boss theme that includes a titty fuck as well as a facial. The second is more intimate. tags: butts, big butt, chubby, curvy, daddys girl, daddy roleplay, glasses, eye glasses, huge tits, huge boobs, nerdy girls, orgasms, vibrator, belly, dildo fucking, ass smacking, bareback, blowjob, boss/employee, boy girl, bra & panties, butt plug, cum shots, doggystyle, fucking