You Are Nothing



American / Neverland
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Fall down on your knees, pathetic little bitches, and worship My magnificence. I am the beautiful Goddess you've always dreamed of - straight from your fantasies, straight from your nightmares. And I live to tease you, make you suffer with a life of denial. You can't resist Me, not when I prance around in merely bra and panties, showing off my tight flat tummy, my curvy breasts, and sexy ass. I show off from every angle, teasing and mocking - losers like you deserve to suffer. I'll tease until your balls are swollen and aching and blue - but you'll never be able to touch. You're here to worship, to serve, to meet MY needs. You are NOTHING, and I am everything. So get ready to show your gratitude, your devotion - get ready to prove yourself. If you can't make Me happy, pet, then I have no use for you