Geno Gummy Bears Video 1



American / Los Angeles, CA
3:04 min - Dec 12 - .MP4 - 200.29 MB


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My friend Geno picks one of his gummy friends from the bag and then puts it in his mouth. He squeezes it with his teeth and works it back and forth, smooshing him. He works him around in his mouth and starts chewing him with his sharp teeth, shredding him into bits. Then he swallows him. He picks another gummy friend out and looks at him with his sinister eyes before he puts it on his tongue. He sticking his tongue out. You get one chance to jump and abandon ship gummy bear. No? Okay then. He chews the gummy bears into pieces. He opens his mouth wide showing off his chewed up friend. Then he puts two gummy bear friends in his mouth.. He works them around and pushes them in and out throw his full lips. Then he chews them up to bits and swallows them. He sticks out his tongue. All gone. He takes one more and rubs it around his lips, teasing it. The end