Angel Lee's Shrinking Problem WMV


Angel Lee

12:51 min - Dec 12 - .WMV - 469.08 MB


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Featuring Angel Lee! Did you have your protein supplement? Good. Now we can chat about what is going on with us. We have been on the rocks for a long time and I am tired of the way you treat me. So I am going to take care of the situation. This little bottle will help shrink our problems and you as well. Did you notice that you are feeling a bit different? Now it looks like it is working. You belong down by my feet. This is a great payback for when you were so mean to me. It is very satisfying to have you looking up at me. Looks like I am in control and you are not able to do anything about it. How does it feel to be helpless. I can step on you. I can sit on you with my perfect ass. I can put you between my enormous tits. I can put you in my big mouth and swallow you whole. It is just a matter of deciding which way to destroy you! A combination of all those techniques would be perfect! OTHER KEYWORDS- femdom, humiliation, sandals, pigtails, ponytails, blond, blonde, hands, nails, legs, girl next door, GND, MILF