20,000ccs Extreme Breast Expansion


Lacy Luck

American / USA
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Custom clip, no names are used so everyone can join the fun. The order: Start off with a nice tease with your beautiful current breasts, seducing about "what's to come" about becoming bigger and sexier. From there, please pick an outfit that clearly shows your new assets but snugly covers waist/hips/etc... it's all about the boobs for me though I love to see whole body for contrast. I desire 2 'enlargements' - ideally wearing the same or similar clothes. I'd like you to be so large that your arms/hands cannot touch when you reach around your bust. Very tight clothing to show the disparity with the waist is important, as well as moving about to see different angles. Before each enlargement, there will be plenty of teasing of not only how sexy you are, but how much more you will be after the doctor places the far larger implants. Premise is enlarging to seduce and dominate boyfriend who is breast-obsessed. Dialogue to please include discussions of size in "cc's" which represents the volume in the breast implants. Desire that your first 'enlargement' make you about 5000cc's. Also discussion of increasing body weight - solely due to the implants. So 5000cc's would increase your body weight by 20 lbs, while 18,000cc's would increase what you weigh by 70 lbs altogether. Yes - hearing how much more you weigh at the end - how much you gained solely because of the volume of your implants - is exciting to me. Movement should be much slower and more deliberate to recognize the gargantuan mass that is on your chest after the final increase. Discussion of these increasing numbers in an erotic manner would be greatly appreciated as I'm a large breast implant fetishist. I get off on you increasing your volume for the pleasure of your partner, and your sexual 'power' increases along with the volume in your implants. You already have an extremely erotic demeanor, Lacy. Standing up, moving around and showing the extreme contrast of how your boobs will just pop off of your body in such an unexpected fashion is terribly exciting to me. Include discussion of how you will become/do become the sexiest woman in the world because of your enormous, gigantic implants and what you have done by increasing your breasts to 'freak show' size. "I kept going back to the doctor. Again. And again. And again. Getting myself increased ... my breasts .... made larger and larger with more saline. I was so small before. So ... insignificant. So then I went back again. Added more saline. The implants made boobs look fake. Round. Bulging. I'd tease you by wearing my old D-cup bras and you could see how much of my fake round boobs would bulge out of the top. I was doing this ..... to become ... Sexier. And still, I continued. I continued to grow, to get bigger, to get ..... BUSTIER. 2000cc's. 3000cc's. 5000cc's!!! When I reached 5000cc's of saline in each of my breasts - I was officially 'freakish'. No hiding them anymore! Everyone saw. Everyone looked. Everyone stared. And you - I could tell you found my getting stuck, having problems because of the new size of my breasts turned you on. (speak slowly, breathily) Much .... Bigger. Bigger. More saline, being injected into my breast implants. To make them grow. Grow for you. More trips to the doctor's office. Grow bigger. Rounder. HEAVIER. At this point, there was no way that he normally would keep going. But I looked at him ... similar to how I'm looking at you. Now. And he was done. He was gone. There was no way that he could control his lust. His lust for me. For my big fake boobs, that he was making bigger. I knew right then that I could get him to do anything that I wanted. More surgeries. More size. He would continue. And he did. At 10,000 cc's in each of my breasts .... People constantly staring - taking pictures even if they didn't ask to. But most of-all ... most-importantly ... YOU. Your LUST. Your NEED. I needed your lust. Even when we weren't together, I could feel the discomfort ... feel the weight of my giant fake boobs. And that feeling actually became ... .a turn-on. It turned me on to know that I weighed so much more .... that I was in such discomfort .... all for one reason: Your lust. To turn you on. To make you want me. To make your dick hard. To make your dick HARDER. It should have been enough. I was already - already among the very few women in the world - with the biggest, saline implants. So it really should have been enough. But it wasn't. So you know what I did? What I HAD to do. I decided to continue. More Saline. More trips to the doctor. For more surgery. To get larger, faker boobs. Insanely huge. And still getting Bigger. Uhhh. Ohhhh. The weight. The discomfort. The pain. I should have stopped. But I didn't. "Again?!" the doctor said, when I showed up for a regular filling of my gigantic expanders. There was no sane reason for him to continue