trying to feel sexy again

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Lacey loves hugs

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840 4.7
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There's no 'trying' about it - you're sexy as all hell

trousers Dec 18 2017

Yesss, you're back!

SSkullcrusher Dec 13 2017
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Lacey is sexy in this video because she is owning the fact her body has changed some but still knows how to show off her amazing assets. It is not about being a perfect 10 by societies standards, it is about owning your sexiness and in this instance owning the insecurity of whether she is sexy is also sexy. Lacey looks better than many of the supposed sexy models because she creates an allure in her actions.

Lacey loves hugs Dec 13 2017

thank you so much <3

bsugrad17676 - Top reviewer Dec 12 2017
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I am not sure what happened that made lacy question her sexiness, but she is without a doubt extremely sexy in this video. The portion of her in the little black dress is amazing! I would leave to see more videos of her teasing in that dress!

This is just me... trying to feel sexy in my own skin again
Lacey loves hugs
Canadian / Canada
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