POV Foot Smelling - Odette Delacroix


Star Nine

American / California
5:47 min - Dec 12 - .MP4 - 212.07 MB


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Odette Delacroix is sick of you always trying to sit behind her in class, always suspiciously dropping your pen and spending way too much time by her feet on the floor trying to pick it up. She confronts you, catches you by surprise really. She's knocked you to the ground and has her petite body perched on your chest. Odette taunts you with her sweaty, stinky, hosed feet. Wiggling her toes in your face. She's not dumb, she knows what you're all about, with your foot fetish. She hopes that if she gives you more than you want you'll leave her alone. She feels your cock get hard underneath her - you're more of a pervert than she thought! Wouldn't it be funny if you came in your pants? She would never let you live it down. She didn't realize just how much her feet controlled you, she could use her power to make you distracted before tests. You're so controlled by her stinky hosed feet that you cum at her command, a wet stain spreading across your jeans. Includes POV foot domination, foot smelly, stinky pantyhose, sweaty pantyhose, JOI The pantyhose worn in this clip are available for sale - email star@starbondmedia.com to inquire