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Dress Pants Tease - Star Nine


Star Nine

American / California
8:37 min - Dec 12 - .MP4 - 316.63 MB


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You love your girlfriend Star Nine's long, toned, legs. You've been aching to see them in pantyhose. You've been dropping hints, but she's a California girl and hasn't seemed to get it. You invite her out to dinner at a restaurant with two Michelin stars, hoping she'll understand, dress up for the occasion. You can't hide the look of disappointment on your face when she shows up wearing dress pants. She notices your disappointment, asks if you notice anything different about her. She rubs her ankle & teases the leg of her pants up to reveal silky, shiny, nude pantyhose. She knew exactly what you were getting at, she just wanted to tease you. Star rubs her smooth hosed foot up and down her leg. She asks you to unbutton your pants, how hard is this making you? No she doesn't want to go to the bedroom, lets save that for after dinner when you can tear a hole in her pantyhose and fuck her. She wants to watch you make yourself cum while looking at her. Star poses for you and rubs her pussy through her gusset. Talking about how hot it's going to be at dinner when she slips her foot out of her shoe and rubs it up and down your leg under the table. How hot and ready to go you'll be when you get home. Includes pantyhose under pants, JOI, masturbation encouragement, nude pantyhose, pantyhose masturbation, shiny pantyhose