Kelsey Obsession's Encasement


Star Nine

American / California
9:06 min - Dec 12 - .MP4 - 330.46 MB


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Kelsey Obsession rubs the soft nylon on her pale, petite body. She brings it up to her face and inhales, loving the scent of it. She sits and encases herself in nude and suntan pantyhose, exhaling in pleasure as she pulls the tight nylon mask over her head. She reaches for her hitatchi, covering it's head with nylon as well before pressing it up to her nylon covered pussy. She moans in pleasure, pressing the strong vibrator up to her clit, legs spread wide before laying down on top of it, thrusting her nylon covered ass up in the air as she grinds her way to a real orgasm. Includes pantyhose, nylon encasement, real orgasms, solo masturbation