Naked Wet Look of Fit Girl in the Shower

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1,298 5.0
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20tbone08 - Top reviewer Apr 8
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This is a very fit, attractive, and sexy girl taking a shower. She suds up, rinses off, and ends up masturbating. Overall, she does a really good job with spreading her ass cheeks, rubbing herself and masturbating. There was one moment at 1:49 in the video where she drops her loofah but she DOESN'T CAPITALIZE ON IT. She dropped something in the shower but she's not going to bend over and pick it up to show her ass?! lol

Overall, I don't mean to be too critical. It is an awesome video, and it is well worth the watch!

In this video I relax with a soapy shower and slow tease but with soap and bubbles full soapy i move my hands from my ass, legs, tits, neck, pussy and my moving it sexy so you can see how i put soap over my entire body. And I masturbate sometimes because I like masturbation in shower and I hope you like to do it together with me in my full HD video