The After Christmas Party Into. x

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Have AT LEAST 3 shots of hard inebriant on hand before watching.) Well hey there, Bill. I know you've been eyefucking me hard since we started working together, and after talking at the work Christmas party tonight I thought perhaps we should go somewhere more private. Now you're at my apartment completely sober, why is that? Didn't want to make a fool of yourself at the party? Well, you're here now. How about I help you loosen up a bit... Come on, sit back and relax. So, tell me. Why did you really agree to come over? Did you think I'd open myself up to you willingly? Lol... Now that I have you where I want you I think it's safe to admit that no, Bill, I won't be fucking you tonight. I watch you earn your ca$h every day at the office and boy do I want it. I'm probably the greediest person you'll ever meet and you're such easy prey. So hand over that wallet. Hmm... $20? Is that all you keep in ca$h? How pathetic. No matter. How about this: Every day you send me more and more money out of your bank account. And if there's even a slight hint of hesitation well... This entire ordeal has been recorded. All I'd have to do is show it to your wife or our boss and your entire life would quickly plummet. So, Bill, send send send. And.... Merry Christmas