I find a big small surprise in my seeds



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I love eating barbecue sunflower seeds when watching TV, a movie or even working on the pc, it is my favourite vice. Today I take my bag of seeds and I start eating them like a monkey while I am reading some blogs just as a hobby. Suddenly, a big surprise shows up among the seeds. I almost don´t notice! But there you are, hidden in the pile of seeds inside of the bag. - What the hell!? Look at you! What are you doing here? - I am shocked when I find a tiny man covered in salt and barbecue sauce-. You look so thirsty because of the amount of salt in the bag, but you look tasty too. - This must be the prize of the bag. Today is my lucky day! What am I supposed to do with you now? I paid for you, and now you are mine just like the other hundreds of seeds in the bag. So I think I will eat you up... at least I will taste your tiny body. I don´t get such a delightful surprise every day, I hope you don´t mind. After all, that is not my fault if you fell down inside of my bag... or whatever you were doing here. I like tasting exotic flavours. I try you and you are even better than the seeds. I can´t explain your taste, it is unique, refreshing, addictive. I take my time to savour you all in my mouth and finally I swallow you, you end in my belly. Tomorrow I will buy another bag of seeds, just in case I get another prize like you. YOU WILL LIKE IT IF: you believe in those little big surprises every day. HIGHLIGHTED: better ending up in Angie´s belly than who knows where? INDULGE YOURSELF, BUY ME NOW