He's Out Of Town - Nyssa Nevers MP4

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Featuring Nyssa Nevers! I know how much you love my silky, shiny pantyhose and thought I would make a home video for you since my husband is out of town. Let's do a striptease out of this satin blouse and expose my huge tits before taking off one high heel. The red ankle strap is unclasped and I dangle it off my toe. Dangling the other one, I wait for it to fall off my foot which drives you nuts. My stocking feet wiggle and point as my hands graze over my legs. My toes splay so you can admire my soles. Don't you love that swishing noise of nylon? The red skirt is stripped and you can see everything in these sheer to waist hosiery. You can worship my feet and lick me from head to toe. My husband doesn't appreciate my legs the way you do. He doesn't even know that you bought me these pantyhose! He could learn some tricks from you because you know how to make me quiver by rubbing the inside of my thighs before darting inside the band and down my legs. My hands caress my ass under the shiny hose the way I want you to rub me. If you buy me another pair, I could layer them and wear only those around the house. You deserve a woman who loves pantyhose just as much as you! @ScottTorvea OTHER KEYWORDS- pantyhose tease, cocktease, striptease, leg fetish, leg worship, foot fetish, homewrecker, cheating, cheating wife, dirty talking Asian, big tits, Nissa Nevers