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Jenna St James

American / Las Vegas
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Don't get too excited staring at my perfect ass, because I'm NOT letting you cum. I don't want you cumming indefinitely. You're lucky I even let that little thing get hard. I could keep you in that chastity cage forever and never even let you out to edge, but you wouldn't want that, would you? Then be a good boy and never cum again. I want to hold your keys in my hands. You can TOTALLY trust me with your manhood. As long as you're not cumming, I'll let you stroke relentlessly. I encourage you to tease that thing for me as much as possible, but don't even think about cumming. Boys don't deserve to cum. Cumming is for hot, superior chicks. And there are still a million ways to enjoy yourself while you're locked away or edging that cock for me..... you'll learn to love staring at my perfect pussy while I tell you no