Holiday Fart's

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American / Colorado
207 5.0
8:24 min - Dec 12 - .WMV - 45.72 MB - 640x360


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Luvem_Curvy Dec 16 2017

Loved it!! Please make more of these.

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I love it!! Can I get a follow on Twitter sexy @SkaggsBoy91

I had a big holiday dinner and it really did not agree with me! I have horrible gas and do everything I can to get rid of it. I rarely ever get gassy, so this is a treat for you fart-sniffers. I tell you to open wide, get up and close to my asshole and eat every single fart that comes out. I get in various positions (side, doggy, missionary) to help push out the farts. Loud long ones, short ones, toots, poofs, asshole views and winking, asshole gape and perfect views of my big round 57 inch ass