Kitana Makes a Deal

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339 5.0
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sga1977 Dec 13 2017
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Never has the phrase "IT HAS BEGUN!" been more true!
Sinthia sizzles as Princess Kitana!
This is a flawless victory if ever I have watched one!

Princess Kitana strikes a deal after kicking her ass. She would rather please your raging cock then to be dealt her fatality blow. She gags on your cock making it nice and sloppy before she let's you beat her pussy with your boner. This Video includes: my cosplay of Kitana from Mortal Kombar, sloppy bj, lot's of dirty talk, twerking, pussy teasing, fucking my pussy with an 8 in dildo, tasting my own cream, and a close up of my pussy getting pounded by my dildo
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