Stephanie - All Grown Up

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20,274 5.0
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BobTheBlob666 Dec 24 2017
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So this is my first time purchasing porn (and reviewing for that matter; I'm used to just a like/dislike button). Generally I don't watch solo vids because they have always seemed boring, but I found your production fun and enticing. The homemade feel is honestly refreshing after all the professionally shot films I've watched. Thanks.

Fethry deleted - Top reviewer Jan 13 2018
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Honestly didn't remember what this character was all about.. that is, until I heard the music, haha. Great stuff as usual Mattie

spazum11 - Top reviewer Jan 4 2018
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great video, great cosplay, loved the roleplay. very sexy video. perfect body, sexy moan, very erotic

JDKink Dec 30 2017
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As usual, Mattie is amazing in this. She has a great look and accentuates it with her cosplay.

I also have to say that I love her trimmed pubes it's refreshing to see that in an era where so many women still shave bald. Her nice full lips and easily wet sex are also very hot.

TW therealpeecee2
TW therealpeecee2 deleted - Top reviewer Dec 24 2017
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I was wondering if this would reference Cooking By The Book since my only reference for the character is the viral remix with Lil Jon, which this does (including the dildo). Plus this makes a fantastic music vid should you feel like looping it. :)

JohnnyPsycho Dec 15 2017
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Crazy hot! Loved all the pink, did not expect the squirting (even though it's tagged), so that was a nice surprise! Keep up the good work!

MichaelXY - Top reviewer Sep 1
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Very cute. The dialogue is a bit awkward or lacking but if you don't care about that and just want to see her play with a dildo and cum all over the floor then you may enjoy this video.

Mrsummers deleted - Top reviewer Mar 13
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methsalsa Jan 28 2018
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As cosplay goes, this video is a winner with great acting by Mattie. The role play is very sensual and Mattie is on point with her character. Overall, this video is very sexy and I highly recommend it!

Startingallover deleted - Top reviewer Jan 27 2018
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Mattie Doll...this is AMAZING!!! Damn the sexy face you make when you're in ecstasy is sooo satisfying!! Who doesn't love Ahegao lol. The part when you suck your dildo was a sight ^_^. The first video I saw of you was a few months ago and was a blowjob and I remember bookmarking it in a heartbeat lol. Damn that was hot. I'm also a HUGE fan of riding so that was icing on the top.

The best thing about this for me your smile. It looks like you're having so much fun XD. You look so sexy AND adorable!! Damn that smile is great haha. I wish I could give this a ultra perfect lol

BigM86 - Top reviewer Dec 23 2017
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Hot teen video, simple but very good

Boy, has she grown. - Striptease - Cosplay - BBC - Dildo - Amateur - Squirt - Riding - Clit play - Ahegao - Roleplay - Petite - Hairy