Friend Helps You Out of Dry Spell


Bettie Bondage

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Your friend Bettie comes over to talk and somehow, the conversation shifts to sex. You guys haven't ever talked about this sort of thing, but its been so long for both of you, that it seems inevitable. She confesses that lately, she's been going online to chat with guys. Cam for them. She even sometimes cams for a bunch of them at once, explaining to you how she undresses, how she touches can't believe she's telling you all this, and it's even more unbelievable when she starts to undress. "Here," she says, "let me show you...that is, if you don't mind?" Your cock is rock hard as your friend unfastens the buttons of her dress, exposing her full breasts that are spilling over the top of her white cotton bra. She smirks, "let me show you what I do for should join in...&quot