4K Sixty-Nine for Tight Leather Blondes

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Danielle has a new pet, sweet little LouLou, dressed in the TIGHTEST MISS SIXTY LEATHER PANTS that cling to her pert ass like a second skin! Danielle looks equally awesome in her own supertight leather pants. LouLou does what she is told, LICKING DANIELLE'S LEATHER-CLAD ASS with her tongue. The chemistry between these two girls in so sexual; you will feel it through the screen! LouLou GOES DOWN on Danielle's pussy through the leathers. And after some whipping of her firm ass, Danielle MOUNTS LOULOU'S FACE for more oral action and a SIXTY-NINE for these two hotties in super tight leathers. As they go down and down on each other, LouLou and Danielle are slowly brought to a crescendo of hot orgasms inside their tight leather pants