A Sexy Bra Fitting with Pam and Maja 2

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It’s summer in Germany and Pam visits Maja in her studio for the second time. The South African Goddess spreads happiness and sexiness wherever she is and of course we adore her huge 42 O tits, fuller, bigger and heavier than before, never ceasing to amaze. This clip begins where no 766 ended, Maja and Pam sitting comfortably on the couch, chatting, giggling and trying on some bras. Pam and Maja just squeezed their huge naturals in far too small bras, a red and a black one, now the ladies get topless again to try on two more lovely bras. Maja presents a dusky pink colored satin bra and Pam shows a lacy white bra she was wearing for years but grew out now. Old bras are like old teddies, Maja states, you don’t just throw them away. Yes, we like too small bras and sexy boob spillage. What about you