Freebie Tuesday

Bikini & Boot Executrix Cam Session


Crystal Knight

American / Las Vegas. NV
7:23 min - Dec 29 - .MP4 - 1.07 GB


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Have you ever wanted to peep in and watch my beautiful life as I take money and dominate weak men that continuously give in on sky-p3 to me? I am going to start creating cam session voyeur sessions but NO you will never be able to hear exactly what I am saying OR what is happening in the cam session. I am going to muffle the sound to where you can barely hear the tone of my voice AND add sensual music paired with binaural beats. These tones are going to make your dick grow continuously while you watch me tease and take this subbies money. Want to experience a session for yourself? Buy my sk-p3 ID on iwantcrystal(do_t)com / OR Tribute 14.99 on any platform and message me
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