Hard Electro Milking


Transylvanian Wolf

Hungarian / Europe
13:44 min - Dec 13 - .MP4 - 205.68 MB


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Electro play with nipple clamps, pads and a teasing, hard milking by Master Alex . This is part III. of how Master Alex met slave Faco. Check out the other two for juicy details. This one is all about edging and pushing a huge load out of the slave’s cock. Master Alex milks it hard, using electro torment, cock slapping and kicking, nipple pulling and total control. He handcuffs him and spreads his legs. To stop the slave’s loud moaning, he takes off his long soccer socks and gags him with it. In the end, using his leather gloves and strong vibrator, Master Alex milks every drop of cum out of that horny, throbbing cock