HD Your Penectomy Prescription


Victoria Brassy

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CUSTOM: You are a doctor. A highly trained urologist that specializes in penis disorders as well as compulsive masturbators. You can introduce yourself in this way and then say that my regular urologist Dr. Tarry (also female) has referred me. You make an off-hand comment about how embarrassing it must be to have female doctors. Mention that you understand how upsetting it is to have problems with my penis. You start by reviewing my history. You look at several reports. The first report is a penile assessment. You read the following notes (please comment on these in humiliating ways while trying to sound professional): Patient has erectile dysfunction and cannot maintain erections during intercourse. Patient almost always loses erection and cannot regain sufficient erectile function for penetration. Patient’s penis is just under 6 inches in length when erect. Erect girth is 4.5 inches. Patient has abnormally skinny penis. (Smile and tell me that I’m a pencil dick). Compulsive face down masturbation has caused permanent deviation of erect penis to the left. Penile shaft has 50% pigment loss due to vitiligo. Glans penis has 80% loss of color. Patient has had 11 pre-cancerous lesions removed from penis. Patient has persistent pain in penis and right testicle due to chronic prostatitis. You take a moment and comment at all the physical problems with my penis. How I must feel like I’m not a man. How important a penis is to a man. Tell me, “ not only do you have an ugly penis, but you have a small penis. And worst of all, you can’t keep your dick hard! What good is it to get a hard on if you can’t keep it up! How humiliating that you need boner pills! Can’t keep a boner without pills!” The next report is a masturbation behavior report. Please read and comment again: Patient is compulsive masturbator. First masturbation to orgasm began at approximate age 5 in prone position. Rubbing penis against mattress and bedding. This form of masturbation continued until onset of puberty. At puberty, ejaculation caused patient to deflect penis to the left to avoid ejaculating between skin and bedding. Patient continued f*rceful prone masturbation and increased frequency to 2-3 times per day (look or act surprised). Patient continued face down masturbation style into adulthood and maintained excessive masturbation frequency. Patient increased f*rce and friction against penis over time. Base of penis has experienced traumatic flexing while erect multiple times per day for approximately 35 years. Patient even began increasing angle of deflection at base to increase sensation of pressure. Patient regularly rotated erect penis up to 360 degrees and even beyond one full rotation while f*rcefully pressing against mattress. Patient began to seek painful stimuli against erection and would bind, bend and slap penis. Traumatic masturbation practices have left patient’s penis permanently affected. Vaginal and oral sex do not provide sufficient sensation for orgasm. Masturbation and pornography craving questionnaires demonstrate extreme pornography and masturbation addiction. Patient has actually sexual fantasy of masturbating. And prefers masturbating to intercourse. Patient habitually masturbates for hours at a time. Patient has even planned overnight hotel stays with the sole purpose of masturbating up to 5 times in one night. Has persistent fantasies of having penis bitten by women and fantasies of penectomy. Patient admits to fantasizing about women cutting off his penis. At this point you could say something like, “wow! You have some issues with your penis alright!” Act less professional and then tear into me with extreme humiliation about the girth of my penis. Humiliate me about being a compulsive masturbator that actually caused permanent damage to my penis from a lifetime of masturbating. Please only use the word penis or dick (especially pencil dick) but mainly use penis. Tease me by getting topless to “test my erection” and make fun of my broken useless skinny penis. Call me a disgusting masturbator and a compulsive masturbator. Get a good close up of your face while you call me that over and over. Tell me that the only option for me is a penectomy. “That’s right, I’m going to amputate your penis. Yeah I’m going to cut your penis off!” Tell me how it will be to live without my penis for the rest of my life. Unable to masturbate. No more orgasms. No more erections, no outlet for my compulsion to masturbate. Pure t*rture for a man. You can then either act like you inject something into me or cover my mouth with a rag. The screen will fade to black. I wake up with your bare breasts exposed again. You smile and tell me that the penectomy was a success. “I cut your penis off. That’s right, you don’t have a penis any more.” Tease me and laugh that I don’t have a penis to masturbate anymore. If possible I have one minor change to the script I sent earlier. I want the focus to be on your status as a specialist doctor with top on