The friend of my boyfriend

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The holy grail of asses =) xxx

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I loved the premise of this scenario and could see myself being part of it. Of course Pauline is scolding and then seductive and gives an incredible view of her ass and other sexy charms.

ORDER: You're the girlfriend of a friend of mine. I was over partying with you guys and I ended up spending the night. But your boyfriend didn't tell you I was there when he left this morning so you think you're the only one home. You're in your bed still asle ep. Its been really hot so all you have on is a pair of panties. The blanket you were sle eping under has totally slid off your body while you were sle eping and your panties have slid about halfway down your ass. So I see this and I come in your room and start jerking off. You've got really bad gas and you keep farting a lot which turns me on even more. You keep sle eping and farting for a few minutes and I keep jerking off watching you. Then you do a really loud fart and you wake yourself up. You look around your room and see me and ask me what I'm doing there and you're kind of trying to cover yourself up. You're not really awake yet so you don't notice that I'm jerking off right away. Then you put on your glasses and realize what I'm doing and you get kind of angry. Telling me what the fuck! You're jerking off while I'm sle eping? Where did my boyfriend go? Why didn't he tell me you were here? Stop doing that! What's wrong with you? Then you see how big my cock got from watching you and you tell me maybe I can keep jerking off. I tell you that I was really turned on because you were farting in your sle ep. So you tell me that you've got a lot more farts and you take off your panties and put your ass in my face and start farting again. You tell me to keep jerking off to your farts. You tell me to think about putting my tongue right on your asshole and licking it while you fart. You tell me how much it would turn you on if I did that. You see how hard its making me and you tell me you want me to cum on your ass. So you do one more really loud fart and tell me to shoot my cum all over your ass