Smearing Kate and me in own squirts

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Brianxoxo - Top reviewer Dec 23 2017
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OMG you are so juisy !!!

Customer wrote: i'd like to see you both wearing stockings and dresses (preferably grey or red). i'd also like you to be wearing high-heels. i'd like one of you to be sat on a chair, with your arms and legs tied to the feet of the chair. the girl that is standing i'd like to see standing and masturbating in front of the girl that's sat down, see you sit on their lap, grind against their arms, their legs etc. playing through your panties to get them really creamy and wet. i'd like to see you take off your panties. then i'd like to see you continue to masturbate, playing with yourself and your friend- to see you both squirt and soak your skirts. at the end i'd really like to see you both squirt as one girl sits on the lap of the other- to see the wetness dripping on the floor, over each others legs etc. (4 wet and creamy orgasms in this video and after all my pussy close up with all my juises going out from used pussy