Extracting Your Cum Eating Virginity



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I know it's crossed your mind. You've thought about eating your own cum but you're a chicken...a total wimp. So afraid of how it will taste or if you'll like it too much. I'll make a deal with you, I'll show you my hot body if you eat your cum for me. I think that is such a good idea! It will be our little secret, no one will know you're a cum eater. We both know you're a chronic hand humper and so weak when it cums to hot girls like me. You just can't say no! You'll do what you can to impress me and that means eating your cum for me. It's what I want and you will do what I want you to do....besides you want to see my sexy body. Those big tits and perfect little pierced pussy. You want to see me bend over, imaging how delicious I am. My hard nipples you can already see through my white tank top already has your dick hard. There's no turning back now....I've got you wrapped around my finger and you will eat your cum for me