Your s1s''s farts



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ORDER: You're my sister. You and your friend are outside in your bikinis getting a tan. You think you see me doing something from my bedroom window but you're not sure. So you go inside to look. You come into the room in your bikini and "catch me" jerking off and looking at your friend through the window. You tell me Omg! John! What are you doing? My friend said she saw you jerking off and watching us in our bikinis! I didn't believe her so I came inside to look. What the fuck?! What the hell is wrong with you? I've got to tell mom about this! Oh you don't want me to tell her? Okay lie down then! So you put your ass right up to my face and start farting. You tell me this is what you get for jerking off to your sister. And embarrassing me in front of my friend. You keep farting on my face and telling me to smell it. Then you see that my cock is getting hard from the farting and you say Omg! You like this? Its making you hard? So you take off your bikini bottoms and your bikini top and tell me Okay now you'll really smell it! And you put your bare ass right next to my face and start farting even more. Telling me How do you like that? Smell my farts John! Don't try to get away! But you look and see that now I'm jerking off because I'm so turned on by your farts. So you tell me What? You still like it! Even my naked ass in your face? Its making your cock harder? So you tell me Okay go ahead and jerk off! This is kind of fun anyway! And you keep farting on my face and telling me to jerk off to the sound of your farts. And to jerk off to the smell of your farts too. You keep farting on me until you can tell I'm about to cum and then you tell me that Its okay if I want to cum all over your ass. So you stand up and keep farting and tell me to shoot my cum all over your ass. I do this and you tell me John that was fun! We'll have to do that again! You put your bikini back on and tell me not to tell your friend what just happened