My Luscious Lips

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5,063 5.0
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Bubbaad Dec 27

Is she nude init not that it matters her lips are perfect

Nrsguy Dec 21

i'm willing to bet no, but i'd split it with someone to find out lol

duegowop Dec 18

Any nudity?

Is she nude?

duegowop Dec 15

Does she get naked?

Bubbaad Feb 26
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great video i just love her lips great shots and teases her breast made it even better

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Flawless Farrah can't hardly wait for more!

In this hot sexy vid, I’m going to indulge your desire for my thick, juicy lips. I’m going to tease you, show you off how luscious my lips are, so much that by the end of the vid, you’ll be left desperately wanting my kisses
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