John's sis

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Slovakian / London
72 5.0
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Another great scenario that made me want to be her brother. The camera work is excellent as always and this dirty girl is beyond sexy.

ORDER: So you're my sister. You found a spycam that I put in your room and you're really pissed at me. You come into my room wearing a robe. The robe is open so I can see that you're topless and wearing white panties. I'm sle eping so you wake me up and tell me What the fuck is your camera doing in my room John? You want to see me taking off my clothes? You've been recording me naked all this time? And what do you do with the video? Do you jerk off to your sisters naked body? What the fuck is wrong with you? So you take off the robe and tell me that if in want to look at your body I have to smell your farts. You stick your ass in my face and start farting really loud. Asking me There! Do you like that? If you want to look at my body you have to smell my farts and feel my ass right in your face! And you keep farting on my nose. Then you see me doing something under my blanket and you pull back the blanket and see that I'm jerking off. You tell me What the fuck? Even my farts make your dick hard? And my farts make you want to jerk off? And you want to jerk off right in front of me? Okay if you want to jerk off that bad you're going to have my ass right in your face! And you take off your panties and put your bare ass right in my face and start farting more. Sticking your asshole right up to my nose and farting and asking me if I still like it? Telling me to breathe in and smell your ass and your farts. Telling me to jerk my big hard cock to the sound and the smell of your farts. Telling me that you can see how hard my cock is getting from your farts and that its kind of turning you on too. That you want to see my cock shoot a whole bunch of cum all over your ass. You tell me that if I want to cum I'm going to have to lick your ass clean while you're farting. So you jeep farting and tell me to put my tongue right on your butthole and start licking. You tell me that if I keep licking your asshole while I'm jerking off that I can shoot my cum all over your ass when I'm ready. So you keep farting right on my tongue telling me to clean your ass good so I can cum. Then you see that my cock is about ready to explode so you tell me that its okay if I want to shoot my cum all over your asshole. That you know I've fantasized about doing that when I'm jerking off so now you want me to do it for real. So you keep farting and tell me to shoot my cum all over your ass. I shoot a huge load of cum all over your ass and you kind of laugh and tell me that was fun. You tell me that you're going to wake me up like this every day now so I'd better be ready to smell your ass first thing in the morning. And you're going to make sure that you make your ass nice and dirty so I have something to clean with my tongue