Popping My Fun Andrea Rosu Luna Lain WMV

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Luna Lain is playing with balloons and makes the squeaky noises that only latex can make. Her mother, Andrea Rosu, is annoyed because Luna never cleans up the mess and is in her eye rolling phase. Since Luna does not like being nagged, she gets more balloons and blows them nice and big. A nice pile surrounds her and she throws them up in the air. Hours pass before she realizes and her mother comes home. Since Luna did not follow directions, Andrea is going to punish her by popping all of her balloons. It is heartbreaking because she loves rubbing on them but does not like it when they pop. Luna tries to save them, but Andrea does not listen to her pleading. There is an assortment of shark objects in the room and one by one they bust. After all are popped, Andrea leaves her insolent daughter to clean up the mess! OTHER KEYWORDS-spandex, yoga pants, brat girl, Luna Laine, Luna Lane, brunette, dark hair, Andrea Rosu, redheads, luners, loonars, looners, balloon fetish