Burps and prawns, seafood smell session



Spanish / Spain
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Get ready for this amazing, tasty session with my most flavourful burping session so far. Feel the real aroma of the sea in your own nose, feel the embrace of my seafood breath in your face. This is gonna be your most wholesome food in years. Enjoy me eating some delicious prawns and sucking their heads in an impressive close-up angle of my mouth, you will think it is you eating them, and let me burp with my mouth closed like a horse, and then throw my breath straight on you. You will be shocked by this intimate burping experience! The perfect mix of the prawns with some chugs of Diet Coke will amaze you. Some big belches will come out from my vigorous throat, but I will warn you at the precise moment so as you can appreciate them all in their essence. I will also burp with my open mouth but showing off my teeth closed. At the end, I will show you the rests of the prawn feast. But the final surprise is the definitive test: I will take a cup and I will burp inside of it, I will breathe out to fill it with my stinky breath, will you guess what it will smell like most? Seafood or Coke? Bon appétit! YOU WILL LIKE IT IF: you want to save your dinner today. HIGHLIGHTED: a totally smelly clip from the beginning, but specially at its end. INDULGE YOURSELF, BUY ME NOW